Tainter's Optimized Mechanical Solutions, LLC
Tainter's Optimized Mechanical Solutions, LLC

  • About Us

    Who We Are

    Owner and President Tom Tainter is an Independent Energy Services Consultant.  With 30+ years of 'hands-on' HVAC experience, T-OMS provides practical consulting services to commercial contractors and building owners alike to help identify and implement facility improvement measures that exist within their facilities.

    Toms experiences in the HVAC industry in various capacities include:

    • 5 years as a US Navy Propulsion Engineer
    • 8 years operating and managing HVAC systems for multiple State of Wisconsin Facilities.
    • 14+ years managing the installation of and commissioning Energy Management Systems (EMS) with major Temperature Control and Mechanical contractors
    • 6+ years developing and managing the commissioning of Energy Services Projects (Guaranteed Energy Savings) with a major Energy Services Companies (ESCO's) and Owners Representative firms.
    • 2 years as an independent Energy consultant performing commissioning, re/retro-commissioning, project management and assisting mechanical design firms with temperature control strategies and equipment interaction.

    Tom has performed these services in various types of commercial facilities and is familiar with the challenges each may present, including; Hospitals, Prisons, Industrial, K-12, Higher Education, Government Facilities, Office complexes, etc.   

    This vast and diverse knowledge and background  enables him to easily identify opportunities and present the appropriate course of actions across all of our service offerings.

    What we're about

    T-OMS is passionate about the optimizations and proper operation of mechanical systems.  

    We drill down to the root cause of problems to determine the solutions versus simply identifying the items that are the least risky to us.

    In addition to the standard optimization strategy findings, we also find that a large amount of BAS/EMS controls are not 'married' to the equipment selection.  This leads to very inefficient operation and many premature equipment failures. 


    Examples of 'unmarried controls' deficiencies identified during Commissioning and Re/Retro-Commissioning alike are:  

    • OEM controls on equipment not interfacing with BAS/EMS systems.  OEM Roof Top Unit selected to serve multiple zones BUT the BAS does not provide the appropriate data to the OEM controls to allow for efficient modulation of dampers or heating/cooling equipment.
    • Equipment selection is based upon design day operation yet the system only operates at this design 1-2% of the entire year.  The cooling or heating systems may not have the turn down capabilities to operate properly during the other 98% of the year and/or the controls were not modified to accommodate which leads to premature equipment failure.
    • Zoned controls are not based upon occupancy.  Most rooms now have occupancy sensors for lighting controls to conserve energy, yet the HVAC systems continue to provide conditioned ventilation air to these unoccupied spaces.  All of the equipment (heating/cooling/fan) can be trimmed back dramatically by monitoring and trimming the equipment operation based upon the actual loads of the zones.  


    T-OMS military and facility owner experiences provides for great ‘attention to detail’ allowing for quick yet thorough issue identification. This ensures that complete solutions are provided at much lower consulting costs.  As a former customer to this industry, T-OMS brings a unique perspective and understanding of a customer’s wants and desires which is why customers are viewed as partners versus owners and this drives the high commitment to project excellence and customer satisfaction.

    Additional Differentiators:

    • NO overhead so pricing is very competitive
    • Free Opportunity Assessments
    • 'Out of the box' opportunity considerations
    • In depth BAS/EMS experience to identify the lack of interaction between controls and equipment.
    • Exposure to and fluency in many BAS product lines
    • Independence allows for vendor neutrality
    • Direct customer interaction and immediate feedback
    • Customer empowerment by providing the 'Root Cause' of problems and providing a range of solutions to implement. (Versus providing a less riskier issue and solution that does not address the root cause.)
    • Safety and Operational issues are noted as part of any reports generated.